Are you an extrovert, introvert, ambivert?

You tend to find talking to new people:

1 out of 10

You would hate working with someone who’s:

2 out of 10

In your free time on the weekend, you'd prefer:

3 out of 10

You’re more likely to recharge your batteries by:

4 out of 10

The people who know you best are more likely to describe you as someone who’s:

5 out of 10

You’re more productive when you’re:

6 out of 10

When you meet someone for the first time:

7 out of 10

You usually get more joy out of:

8 out of 10

In general, which of the two are you more likely to feel?

9 out of 10

You feel more yourself when you’re:

10 out of 10

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